This Week in Magical Unicorn Moments (5 Things that made me Happy this Week)

It’s that time of the week again.

Sunday night when the anxiety sets in with the week looming ahead of me like a big shitbomb of suck.

I am determined to hang on to the threads of positivity I have worked so hard to weave together on a weekly basis, so here it comes.

Hope this clears the fog that the bomb leaves behind…

1. Hubby told me he didn’t want to go to a birthday party with me because he had to stay home and fix the toilet. Yeah. He did say that. I grumbled and mumbled under my breath about him wanting to fix this toilet instead of spending time with his family and grumble mumble mumble grumble…

I come home and he tells me to come outside with him a     minute. He leads me to the garage, and surprises me with an early Mother’s Day present…. A new stand up paddle board!!! I’ve been wanting one since last summer. I was so happy. I forgave him for staying home and fixing the toilet.

2. I got a new enormous iPhone 6 Plus. It doesn’t delete appointments out of my calendar or my music anymore like my last phone did. My husband makes fun of it being enormous, but I don’t care. I love my big giant enormous new phone!

3. I owed a shit ton of money for overdue books at my library. I finally put on my big girl panties and marched down to the library with my wallet to pay all the fees. I anticipated like a mortgage payment worth of fees to pony up. The lady at the desk looked and looked and she said I didn’t owe a penny. I KNOW I owed as I was getting emails and notices sent to me. She said its all cleared and I must have a library fairy godmother.

I apparently have a library fairy godmother!!!!! How exciting is that????

4. Cardinals are starting to come to our bird feeder. Cardinals are fucking awesome and I am sooooo happy.

5. I had a week off from work. I needed that time to mentally prepare for this year coming to a close. I don’t know how mentally prepared I am, but a week off from work is still better than having to go there waiting for this year to be over.

That’s it. Next week it’s Mother’s Day. I know I’ll have more happy things to celebrate soon.


4 thoughts on “This Week in Magical Unicorn Moments (5 Things that made me Happy this Week)

  1. You are a rock star! Look at you pulling all those positives out of the quagmire of suck…ha ha…your phrasing is sooooooo you…congrats on some really good things happening…another positive is, you made me smile (and, as you know…based on the message I sent you…this night was headed in a stressful direction–but, I am feeling surprisingly peaceful right now; and that’s has a lot to do with sharing with you) 🙂


  2. I think we all need a few fairies, especially ones that pay off libary debts. I’d also add a work fairy, a payrise fairy, a family soother fairy and a paddleboard fairy.


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