This Week in Magical Unicorn Moments (5 Things that Made Me Happy this Week)

I kind of fell off the bandwagon on posting my 5 good things that happened this week for a few weeks.

I am not sure why.

I know I might have lost focus a little.

Sometimes it is deliciously sinful to revel in what pisses you off and you don’t want the dorky happy moments to come to the über cool dark pity party you are throwing.

Sometimes those good happy moments get overshadowed by the sucky bullshit that drains the life out of your soul and you get lost wandering the same hallways again and again.

But there is something about my path that I am on that never lets me wander for too long. And the moments come back and I say to myself – “Oh – I should post this.”

And I realize – OH – I forgot to post for weeks.

I know this blog is still in hiding but I have a few of you out there who are reading and care. And – of course-  I have ME, who I am doing this all for, so…..

Here I am.

Here I go.

  1. My entire family just returned from an amazing weekend together. Me, hubby, son, and 2 adult stepdaughters went to visit my sister in law and mother in law out of state. We spent the whole weekend eating and laughing and just relaxing and enjying being with each other. hubby and I went out for the evening and had dinner and drinks and went to go see Father John Misty and made friends with people standing next to us at the show and it was just one of those weekends that resets your whole clock. And I am so grateful for that time together, because as kids get older it gets harder and harder to get that time with them.

2. While hubby and I were walking around before the show, we went into this cool artsy shop and they were selling sea stars barrettes. And I bought one. Here is a picture of it (and a first picture of me I am sharing on this blog!)

Liza starfish
It is hard to see in this picture but it is blinged out with rhinestones!!!!!

3. This mascara. Ladies – stop spending crazy money on mascara. you have to replace it often anyway, it gets all dried out, and its all essentially the same formula. But this mascara is like THREE bucks and makes my spider leg lashes look lustrous and Bambi like!

E.L.F. 3 in 1 Mascara! 

4. I got a new phone! For 3 years I have been using my iPhone 5s and it had no memory left and it was deleting my music and appointments in my calendar and freezing up on me. I got the enormous 6 Plus much to hubby’s chagrin (he’s all – um – you have an iPad already!) but I love it. It has all my music and then some and all my fun apps and I play with it all day and it is ike a toy and it makes me happy. Cuz I am shallow AF.

There – I said it.

5. I decided to challenge myself and my fitness because as I chug along in my 40s my weight is depositing in areas it has no business depositing itself in. So I signed up for Daily Burn. I am loving these membership apps where I can still stay at home and log my workouts. It appeals to both my social anxiety and my need to burn calories. Win-win.


I have more good things coming my way. I have more I will be sharing. I have more I need to focus on and be more aware of.

I am working on this.

I am no longer a crumpled heap in my bed crying myself to sleep. Maybe that is number 6 on my list.

Or number one.

Or – an important place for all lists to take root and grow and blossom.

I am so glad you guys are with me on my journey.





9 thoughts on “This Week in Magical Unicorn Moments (5 Things that Made Me Happy this Week)

  1. I! Adore! You! And, I loved this post…what else is new? You have such a fantastic way of communicating and writing…such a gift….it makes me so happy to read what you share….happy because it is so inspiring and entertaining and amusing…and, I also feel your struggle and triumphs…you make the quest to be one’s best an adventure rather than the daunting, draining, soul-withering exercise the dark forces try to convince us it has to be…yes, it can feel that way, but feelings aren’t facts and I choose to seek the light that will dispel the myths that try to hold me down…thanks for being a beacon, my friend 🙂


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