Weekly: 3 Songs that Nail it This Week

OK – time to acknowledge the soundtrack of my week.

  1. Because this has been on endless loop courtesy of my 8 year old:

This has only been playing about 8 billion times a day around here.


2. Holy shit – this song. It just makes me happy and want to dance and figure out how to write a whole movie to work this song into it.

I have been listening this song on my way to work every morning. And on every one of my runs. This song is just thrilling and amazing.

3. Because now that we got our 8 year old to finally start watching the first season of Walking Dead (we are a zombie obsessed family) this song has become a daily thing in our lives.

If you don’t know about Bad Lip Reading – now is the time to familiarize yourself with this amazing bit of genius.

So…. what music has made your week a little less shitty?

Please share!




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