This Week in Magical Unicorn Moments (5 Things that Made Me Happy this Week)

I am committed to this practice of focusing on the positive. Even on the days when getting out of bed still takes everything i have and calls me its bitch.

Whatever that “It” is.

So fuck IT. I need to focus on the happy and goddamn IT. I have shit that makes me happy.

So here we go.

  1. This silly fucker.



His name is Maple and he is a hot mess of a dog. A Min Pin who came to me scared of his own shadow.

Now he naps on the laundry basket emulating the cats.

You mean YOUR living room isn’t full of laundry baskets of folded laundry? Excuse ME, Martha Fucking Stewart.

He is SO STUPID but he is my sidekick and I love him so much sometimes I think my heart will explode.

2. My new Michael Kohrs bag I got this week. I won’t even pretend to be deep. This bag made my year.


HOW HOT is this bag???!!! I feel like a celebrity walking around with it.

3. Lumi Cushion. I heard this make up was the shit, but I had no idea how awesome it would be covering my crows feet and worry lines.


It totally covers my crows feet. And my worry lines.

I highly recommend!!!

4. This wine.


That is all.

5. The fact that out of the blue, Amazon randomly sent us a free doggie pooper scooper when we did not order it. Hubby ordered hockey sticks for our son. We got the hockey sticks. AND… a pooper scooper. Made me laugh hard for an hour.


So – this week was a bit of a stretch- thank god for Michael Kohrs and wine.


What made YOU happy this week?


16 thoughts on “This Week in Magical Unicorn Moments (5 Things that Made Me Happy this Week)

  1. Hi. I love love your blog. I go with Michael kors but can’t quite justify spending the money to fully commit. Wine yes, I’m committed. Laundry baskets, yes committed fully to a migrating basket that moves from utility room to kitchen table to hall and eventually upstairs. Glad I stumbled across your blog .

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    1. Welcome! And thank you for responding! The bag was a gift actually!!! But I was asked to pick it out. My dad got married over the winter and my new stepmother wanted to get my a gift for being a witness at their very small wedding! She knows I love handbags!!!


      1. A long time ago lol I graduated from college with degrees in dance & anthropology. I love African dance, Latin dance, Reggae, & deep house music, so I go out when I’m up for it. Otherwise, really I’m becoming more of a home body & like to cook. I currently work doing Thai yoga massage with clients at home & those in my program at St. John The Divine. I’m starting a business with artists combining yoga, ayurveda, health, and the arts with teachers as well.


      2. Hi! I’m off the grid, so to speak, not 100% completely, but I go between keeping myself busy then chillin usually cause I wear myself out. I’m a fire sign (pitta) & I burn myself out after an active day. And the earth aspect (kapha) can become so grounding it can pull us into a slump. I’ve learned how to do a balancing act to keep the grattitude, knowledge, & energy flowing in life.


  2. This was great to read! Made me want to think about the top 5 moments of my week (no Michael khors or wine for me 😦 )


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