Weekly: 3 Songs that Nail it this Week

I love music.

I know everyone loves music – who ever says “Know what I can’t stand? Music.”

But for me – music has always been more than just enjoyable noise.

Music has reached me when I was unreachable. And – as I start fessing up on this blog and letting all the crazy out for a free ride – I will divulge that there have been many times in my life where I wound up mentally in unreachable places. Nothing external was able to get in.


But… There was always that one song that just nailed it and let me know that I am not alone with that feeling and that thought.

That I am not alone. Even if I am.

I am not alone because somewhere on this planet there is a songwriter I will probably never meet who went through that same unreachable moment and lived to tell the tale. And write a kick ass song to boot.

I am not always some depressed psychopath under the covers and never coming out. I am capable of extreme happiness too.

Sometimes life is just so amazing and enjoyable and carefree. and that fucking rocks.

That is a time when I am in a place where a song catches me while I float up in the air and free fall back down.

There are those moments in my life – more and more as I shake loose the cob webs in my head and make it a point of finding my happy whenever possible.

Since this blog is my journey to some semblance of enlightenment and possibly (dare I admit it) joy, I want to share all the parts that help lead me there – the ups and downs and twists and turns that this road to bettering myself will take. This means sharing the music of my soul – even if it isn’t always good. Or current. Or on the radar enough to even have a music video!

Care to join me?

Feel free to share the songs that nail it this week for you as well – as I said….  I LOVE music!

Hestia – Katell Keineg

I was introduced to the haunting voice of Katell Keineg  back in college over 20 years ago. My friend and I were always on a quest for unique female artists and she fit the bill. All these years later, this song continues to resonate with me with its message of her waking up to her shitty situation and wanting to break free. It is sad and powerful and ass kicking all at the same time. And – I need this boost from time to time. It hits me hardest when I am on my way back up from an exceptionally bad crash. But it always reminds me to blast this song and get my ass back to a better place.

Walking in my Bluejeans – Sophie B Hawkins

Surprising yourself with the person you continue to evolve into while still being who you are at your core. Is there anything better? Sophie B. Hawkins nails it with this beautiful realization in herself. She is so much more than wanting to be your lover. I don’t think enough people know that about her. But I do, Sophie. And I find another woman walking in my blue jeans from time to time as well. I am just happy I am still able to zip some of them up.

Failure – Martin Sexton

Thanking failure. So Buddhist. I just love everything about this song. When I go through my “I am a failure” self-flogging, this song echoes inside of me and reminds me that everything leads to something else – no matter how dark the corridor is at the moment.

I want to thank Martin’s failure as well, because holy hell – you haven’t lived until you have seen this man live with his booming, soulful voice that heals you completely.


There you have it. My three songs of the week!



What are yours?


2 thoughts on “Weekly: 3 Songs that Nail it this Week

  1. This past week was rough, although nothing compared to the week before. (When I start fantasizing about running away from my life, I know how bad it has gotten. And don’t get me wrong, I know how far I’ve come that fantasizing about running away is no longer my norm.) When my life goes to shit, the songs that save me are the songs which were the soundtrack of my divorce; songs I blasted in the coffee shop in the morning before I turned on the “open” sign. My week started with John Hiatt’s, Master of Disaster (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WniHvM2kwwI), followed up by Dave Matthews Band’s, Busted Stuff, (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qOXBYb2YKHU). Actually any of the songs on that album, along with Busted Stuff, but especially Grace is Gone and Grey Street. Fortunately my third song is by David Bromberg who I saw in concert with MIke on Saturday night, and at the show realized that being in the moment, and watching and really taking in musical mastery is way more important than any of my work problems. So Summer Wages happily ends my three and my week, (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ShpN6cblIuM).


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