This Week in Magical Unicorn Moments (5 Things that Made Me Happy this Week)

Whenever the misery starts setting in, I realize it is time to start thinking of the 5 things that made me happy this week.


It pisses me off to no end that I have to sit there and think and think and think until something comes.


I could probably write one billion things that turned me into a raging beast from hell, but 5 things that made me smile for 3 seconds?

Get your shit together, brain.




OK – I’m trying.

So – here goes…


  1. Preludes & Nocturnes – Sandman Vol. 1



Now… I am not a huge comic geek, but I am known to enjoy a good graphic novel every now and then.

Back in the 90s, I became obsessed with the Sandman series.

I had all the books. But… Since I was a bit of a gypsy at the time, I was moving quite a bit, and had to lug my crap around with me in boxes from home to home.

For a brief amount of time, I kept some boxes at my dad’s warehouse (he owns his own business where he has a warehouse with parts and machinery). While I kept a bunch of boxes there for an extended amount of time, my stepsister’s husband who worked for my dad, decided to be a huge douche-nozzle and THREW my boxes away. I don’t know200-2 why. It had artwork my dead great-grandfather did. CDs. Pictures. And most of my favorite books.

So many books.

A copy of Howl that I had Allen Ginsberg sign at a reading.


And…. You guessed it. My entire Sandman collection.

I never forgot about any of it, but recently, I decided to replenish my Sandman collection one book at a time. I mentioned this to hubby, who already knew about my Sandman collection and had given me various coffee table books with sandman artwork.

This week, while recovering from a stomach virus, Hubby came upstairs while I lay in bed, and handed me the first book of the series – Preludes & Nocturnes – the one I wanted – the older version with the cover art by Dave McKean!!!

My inner geek did a cartwheel while my outer geek laid helpless on the bed trying not to vomit all over it. Yet, I did manage a smile and a “Yayyy”. It made me happy. SO unbelievably happy.



2. The Text from my Friend:

I received this beautiful text from my friend after he read my blog and freaked out, fearing I might throw myself off a bridge or something.

I reassured him I am just a drama queen – not a suicidal lunatic. But he still sent me the most beautiful text:

Gary (1)



And then after that he made me promise to do him a favor.

I refused to agree until I knew what it was.

I mean – who ever says yes to the question “can you do me a huge favor?” anyway???

And then he asked this of me:


And I was glad I did not say yes sight unseen. Because that right there is years of failed therapy with that still glaring in my face.

Every. Fucking. Day.

Then we had a long discussion on FaceTime (which I might have to blog about separately because it was the best conversation ever) while I made dinner in the kitchen and it felt like he was right there with me. I loved that.

3. The Kindness of my Colleagues:

I work with a teacher who has an espresso machine in his classroom. And a “Nespresso” which foams up the milk perfectly.

On his break today he invited me up to his classroom for a fucking cappuccino. During a school day. In a classroom!!!


Blew my mind and we sat and talked about life and laughed and cursed because the kids weren’t in the room.

It made me happy that it happened and sad that I will be saying goodbye to people like him all at the same time.

Side note…. apparently this is kind of what Buddhism tries to make us aware of all the time. That all this is all fleeting.

But man is it so wonderful before it does.

4. My 8 year old Son’s Dedication to Developing a Relationship with the St. Paddy’s Day Leprechaun:

Instead of trying to trap him ruthlessly in exchange for gifts.

He left him this note and a little green gem.


The leprechaun left an extremely appreciative note back in return – with gifts.

And there was no glittery mess to clean up after.

Such a nice civil exchange. No scrambling late at night to make glittery footprints and destroying my entire living room.


Sorry – couldn’t resist. This is all I imagine when people talk about the leprechaun coming to visit. 

5. This video. Everything about this video. They are soooooo amazing.

Watch it again and again and again and again. Like I have been doing obsessively.

Annnnndddd… There you have it.

Boom. 5 things.

Now, back to my bitching and complaining, I guess.



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