This Week in Magical Unicorn Moments (or…. 5 Things that Made me Happy this Week)

In my never ending quest to get myself back to a place where I can get both feet out of bed and onto that goddamned floor every morning, I am going to post a list of things that made me happy that week. Not state-of-nirvana happiness (but it could be. I might have some pretty good chocolate that week), but rather, a general chortle or a few mindless moments of enjoyment before the doom and gloom started to seep back in and cloud my brain with its poison once again.


I’ll keep it to 5 things. If it’s an exceptionally unusual week where the universe actually throws me a bone or 2, maybe it’ll be more. But even if it’s less, I will force myself to find 5 things.


This could at times be the most boring list ever (number 4…. Dust bunnies didn’t try to plot my death this week.)


I’m hoping it will start coming easily to me as the weeks progress.


So….. Here I go….



1) Good Mythical Morning:





Um…. Holy hell.


WHYYYYY did it take my 8 year old son to introduce me to these 2 hilarious hotties?

Their songs.

Their banter.

Their quick wit.

Rhett’s hair.

GMM Rhett


Link’s glasses.


Rhett’s beard.


GMM Rhett2

Actually… Everything Rhett.



Just….. Sigh.

2) Speculoo’s Cookie Butter ICE CREAM.






No further explanation needed. No buttons on my jeans needed this weekend either. Fuck buttons and zippers.

Just me. And a spoon.

All. Night. Long.

3) My husband.


My Saintly Hubby

I didn’t ask him yet if I could share pictures of him… so in the meantime, here is an accurate depiction.

He has been a saint through my journey into self-pity land. He’s wonderful and amazing and awesome.


(Sorry Rhett)



He should have been number one on the list, shouldn’t he?? Oops.


Angry saint will now proceed to leave the toilet seat up

4) Gaia yoga app.

I love this app. For ten dollars a month I have a world of yoga classes available to fit whatever mood and energy level I’m at. This app brought yoga back into my life and for that I’m eternally grateful.

Now I can fall on my face in the privacy of my own home.

This app is the bomb dot com.

5) This.


Ted Cruz Bad Lip Reading


He’s terrifying and I pray he or any of these presidential hopefuls don’t get us all blown the fuck up.


But, in the meantime, might as well laugh.

My favorite part is how disgusted his wife actually seems to be in him, no matte what is being said in the video.




That was 5.

I am done now.

Here’s hoping for 5 more fluffy love rockets of awesome for next week.

Feel free to share yours below in the comments.


(If anyone is reading this)


2 thoughts on “This Week in Magical Unicorn Moments (or…. 5 Things that Made me Happy this Week)

  1. Liking your blog — funny and sad and funny and relatable. And funny. And making me think: Have I had Five Good Things this week? Hmmm. In no particular order:

    1. House concert with musicians I didn’t know yet, but got to hear and hang with.
    2. The potluck dinner at said concert.
    3. A decadent birthday dinner with my sister and our friend.
    4. An awesome 1-1/2-hour soak in a hot bath, with a plate of leftovers, a glass of Port, and a good book.
    5. 70-degree weather in March, with sunshine and warm breezes.

    Apparently much of my happy is related to food.

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